Meet the Crew

Black Dog Longboards is a team of fun loving longboarding fanatics and we believe in living life to the fullest. We are dedicated artists and craftsmen building high quality, handmade, custom longboards that we love to ride and believe you will too.

Who we are…


Duane Boschee

Duane Boschee is a master craftsman and also an owner of Black Dog Longboards.

Duane’s skateboard experience started with a wood shop special with clay wheels in 1974.  He then moved on to a plastic banana board from a local hardware store.

His home park with Tri-City Skate Park in Kennewick, Washington, which opened in 1978 and was buried in 1980.  The park had a 16’ deep pool that was 40’ across, 4’ vertical and tiles with coping.  It was sweet, but he skated everything – old pools, reservoirs. He and his friends would race slalom and downhill on their park boards.

By 1978, Duane was building his own decks in wood shop.  He’d build a deck during the week and try to break it over the weekend. Duane spends his free time snow skiing, longboarding, surfing and enjoying time with his dog.  Musically, he is into Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons, The Tragically Hip and Widespread Panic. When it’s time to unwind, his favorite brew is Rainier Beer….mountain fresh!

Duane believes it’s not the years you have lived, but the mileage and experience you have gained that really matters.  He builds longboards because he simply can’t stop doing what he loves!



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