Shallow Drop




ShallowDrop_GraphicThe Shallow Drop is a bi-directional free-ride board, with a 11/16” usable drop. The drop is not quite a full drop, but more than a micro-drop, making the “shallow” drop aptly named. This year we brought the board’s size down to 36” tall with a comfy 9.75″ wide platform, making the deck nimble due to a shorter wheelbase and grab your feet better with a more efficient concave width. We also brought the wheelbase in as close to the drops as possible, giving the rider more leverage over the trucks and increasing responsiveness. With it’s smooth lines, generously shaved wheel wells and that usable drop, this is one of the best free-ride / downhill boards on the market. This board has what you need for a great day on the hills.

Length: 36″
Width: 9.75″
Drop: 11/16″
Wheelbase: 27.5″

Additional information

Weight 6.75 lbs
Dimensions 38.5 x 10.75 x 1.25 in

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