The Black Dog Story

Don and Duane - the early daysIn 2006 Duane Boschee felt the need to go longboarding.  The invitation to go riding around Seattle sparked a new interest in making skateboards, something he had begun in 1974.  After many “primitive” builds the process became more evolved and eventually became a functional work of art.

Duane would often go ride with Don Best and Tracy Hill in the developments of the surrounding neighborhoods of Woodinville, Washington. They were always trying out new longboards and exchanging ideas about what worked and what didn’t.  They didn’t realize at the time, but they were in the research and development phase of what would eventually become Black Dog Longboards.  They just thought they were having fun and doing what they wanted. While Don has moved on to other ventures, Duane still keeps the essence of him and Don having fun and doing what they want at the core of what Black Dog does.

Black Dog has worked hard and skated far to bring you what they believe to be world class longboards.  Duane takes the best Baltic Birch and turns it into art.  Every deck is shaped by hand from start to finish.  From designing the molds, gluing and pressing the ply’s to sanding the wheel wells, every board comes with a little bit of his soul.

Now Black Dog would like to share their stoke with you.

Meet the Black Dog crew –>

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