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Nate Braks

Nate Braks Black Dog Brand Manager Riding His Battle Dog Longboard at Jake's Rash
Nate Braks, age 23, is a Black Dog Longboards sponsored rider originally from Spokane, Washington.

Nate has been skating since he was six years old, and will skate anything
and everything, though his preference is bombing hills. When Nate isn’t skating you can find him working at Motion Boardshop in Seattle Washington.

Skateboarding is what makes Nate the happiest out of anything that he does. It is one of the purest forms of joy he claims to have ever experienced. He loves getting involved in the skateboard community and being surrounded by all of the smiling people at events.

Nate’s current set up is a Black Dog Battle Dog, cast 44 degree Arsenal 180’s , and whatever thane he can put on his setup.

Check out Nate in this video.

Katrina Vogel

Katrina Vogel Longboarding In Spokane WaKatrina Vogel (Tree) is 24 years old and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She originally started skating in Spokane, Washington as a way of tiding herself over from powder-hunting all winter. It wasn’t long before she found herself in a terrible, wonderful love triangle between herself, powder, and concrete.

Tree ended up out bombing mountain runs and taking names at local path races with a crew of riders she met through her connections on the mountain she instructed skiing at. Before she knew it, she was skating everyday, competing professionally, and sponsored by Black Dog. She couldn’t be a better fit for the team. If her skating wasn’t already good enough, her rebel-rousing attitude on skate trips brings a whole new level of fun to the team’s adventures.

When Tree isn’t charging hills or deep in the backcountry, she’s on the grind as a jeweler or… probably in a mosh pit pushing kids.

Jake McNamara

Black Dog Longboards Rider Jake McnMara skating the Giant's Head FreerideJake is 19 years old and was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. Jake is currently seeking an undergraduate degree in Spokane Washington.

Jake also likes everything that has speed and has a love for getting sideways on a longboard. His hobbies include getting wrecked on a skateboard, rock climbing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, and anything Alaskan.

Skating helps Jake get through the week, and keeps him stoked on a constant basis. Jake’s favorite drink is H2O, and he loves to listen to ODESZA, just about anything reggae, or alternative rock.

Check out Jake McNamara ripping a Washington classic in this video!



Factory Team

Gunnar Morin

Black Dog Longboards Rider Gunnar Morin riding his Battle Dog deck is Colorado Born, raised, and residing in Denver, Colorado, Gunnar Morin loves to go fast. Gunnar grew up skating a state with some of the fastest roads in the world in his 6 year skating career, and it shows. When Gunnar isn’t hard at work at is job as an auto mechanic, you can probably find him rallying runs down his backyard hill, Lookout Mountain.  If you ask Gunnar what his favorite thing about skating is, he will probably tell you it is traveling on skate trips and getting to see all of his friends from across the globe. If you have spent one second at an event with Gunnar you will agree he is one of the most fun outgoing people to have in your crew on a trip. He will start up a conversation, or rub elbows in a race heat, with just about anyone. Gunnar is currently riding a Battle dog on 162mm radikal Talons, with a 50 28 split, and Venom Cannibals.

Pete Anderson

Black Dog Longboards rider Pete Anderson surfing his Jelly Deck in Spokane WaAge 24 from Spokane, Pete has been skating on and off since he was 14 years old. Ever since he has been putting trucks on anything he could think of and finding new ways to get road rash. When Black Dog First met Pete it was pretty clear he didn’t care too much about getting a few bloody elbows. He had the right attitude. He just needed some  guidance, and maybe someone to tell him when his idea was a bad one. Pete is down to ride anything we give him and after a week or so it normally has his blood on it. Pete’s style may be the most unique out of anyone on the team. He Hippie jumps anything and everything his creative mind can think of (most cases barefoot). In the winter you can catch him up at the mountains on skies. He skies just  like he skates, nearly out of control and always looking for something to jump off or over.

His current blood covered downhill board is the Butterfly with what we like to call Devil’s Concave.It fits his surfy style perfectly. His favorite Black Dog board is the Spacko. He loves slashing sidewalks and taking advantage of the double kick tale, hopping up curbs or over pot holes on his urban commutes.

Blackdog Brigade

Chris Burton

Black Dog Longboards Rider Chris Burton skating his Butterfly deck on Mt. Spokane

Chris Burton, age 23, is a Brigade rider for Black Dog Longboards from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  The son of an Air Force fighter pilot, he grew up in an adventurous household.  Whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, camping, and flying were normal weekend activities.

He first discovered skateboarding with friends as a teenager, but found his calling going fast when a college roommate taught him to slide.  When he returned home, he was even more stoked to find the Saddle, a gorgeous hill with five miles of easy turns and smooth pavement.  After his first run, he was hooked.

Tight pack riding is Chris‘s favorite.

“Even though skateboarding is an individual sport, Downhill still takes a lot of teamwork.  And in a culture so obsessed with safety, liability, and rules, it’s so meaningful to me when two friends trust each other enough to ride inches from each other at such high speed.  We don’t need licenses, checkrides, and waivers to do this.  No formality, no rules, just real honest camaraderie.  That’s harder to find than you think.”

Chris‘s work requires him to travel, giving him the opportunity to travel up and down the west coast skating in a variety of different locales.  When he isn’t skating or working, Chris can be found relaxing with punk, pop-punk, ska, blues, surf rock, and anything in between.

Lena Mazzola

Black Dog Longboards rider Lena Mazolla riding her Custom Black Dog deck at Rowina Loops Road

Lena Mazzola (NAILS), age 21, is a Black Dog Brigade rider from Spokane, Washington.

Nails has been skating for about a year and a half now, she took an interest in it after watching her brothers for years, and will try anything and everything, but likes to go fast. She’s a quick learning and loves going out with her skate friends to have fun. Nail’s hobbies are playing music, reading, paining or drawing, making things, and just straight chillin.

Skateboarding is definitely at the top of the list of things that make Nails the happiest out of anything that she does. Coming from a point of view that was originally one that thought she could never ride a skate board. Finding that it was in her all along has brought her nothing but joy. A HUGE part of Nail’s life these days is filled to the brim with skate life, culture, and friends, and that’s the way she likes it.

Nail’s current set up is a modified version of the Butterfly, Randal trucks, and Biggie Hawgs for her downhill grip wheels and Abec 11’s for her slide deck.

Connor Harkey

Black Dog Longboards Rider Connor Harkey riding his Sick Puppy deck in Hawaii on the Migrate to Skate TripConnor Harkey, is a man with a plan at age 22. If all goes accordingly he
will retire within the next 5-10 years to live atop a mountain on a ranch,
predominantly made up of a medley of canine companions, included but not
limited to: small dogs, large dogs, brown dogs, yellow dogs, purple dogs,
and of course black dogs. However, the driveway/hill leading down to the
bar/town must be most bodacious and vert.

In the meantime…Mr. Harkey occupies himself in Bellingham, Washington as a
concrete construction builder. Originally hailing from Shoreline, WA, a
suburb outside of Seattle, skateboarding has been a vital part
of his life for more years than can be remembered. Until his back is broken
and his knees explode, skateboarding in all formats and avenues will
continue to provide Connor with a means of personal expression, unregulated
fun and enjoyment, and above all the “dude did you just see that/ damn how
did I not just die right there” stoke that is tradition and crucial to the
sport (“sport.”). Connor prefers to go fast down roads on 4 (sometimes two)
wheels, but enjoys all disciplines of skateboarding. When he is not at work
or atop a recreational vehicle, he prefers being in the presence of nature,
quality music, pleasant people, and exploring alternative ways of being
creative. He hopes to travel the world to experience a variety of cultures,
along with finding new terrain to maneuver on the way.

He has recently been getting pitted on a BlackDog Sick Puppy deck, with
caliber trucks and whatever urethane Rain gives to him. (haha)

Check out Connor in this video! 








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